The Products We Can Offer

We can provide high quality soft serve ice cream and other fun treats from our ice cream vans at any event in Melbourne.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Delicious creamy, traditional vanilla soft serve ice cream. Served with a great range of toppings, including rich chocolate coating, Australian crushed peanuts, rainbow sprinkles (100’s & 1000’s) & traditional tasting sherbet coating among others.


Our traditional 100% fat free gelati comes in many various flavours. We can also create a rainbow, which has seven different flavours in one serve. Gelati is very refreshing and popular in summer time. It is also Gluten, Nut, And Dairy Free.

Soft Drinks

We can supply spring water, soft drinks and juices from our refrigerated ice cream vans. Choices can be made to suit your event, and we are happy to include your preference of cans or plastic bottles for example.

Fairy Floss

Fairy floss is made daily fresh for the occasion. The colours that we offer include your traditional pink or blue options. We know fairy floss is a bit sugary, but the kids are here to have fun and we all know they love it! Once in a while.

Delicious and healthy frozen yoghurt soft serve. This can come with a variety of fresh Coulis toppings, such as passion fruit, mango & bixed berries.
( Served only upon request)

Hire Services

Our ice cream trucks in Melbourne can attend any type of event. This includes ice cream for fundraisers, and large public events. Some of the gatherings we are often chosen to attend include :

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