Catering for Schools, Factories and Events.

In Melbourne


For many years schools prefer to book Mr Wonder Whip for implementing strict hygiene rules in the business. We attend any type of school event, Italian week, sport event, school market days and school fete. We can attend and provide a great service.

Schools and Event Catering


We also cater for factories, as there has been a special interest in the recent years, we have attended number of factories throughout the years with great positive feedback. So if you would like one of our bright new ice cream vans to attend your factory for any type of occasion whether its for Christmas break up, party or just for a lunch time break, send us an email or simply call us.

Our new ice cream vans are health registered with the local council, public and product liability of $20 million, food safety implemented staff has passed required food safety courses level 1-3 and food safety supervision.

Catering available to all fun lovers!

Call Us On (Sam) 0412 816 173 or (Steve) 0412 353 301